Here’s a short blurb about a common issue and an easy fix. You or your colleague, or perhaps both, have been working on a schedule in Project Online for some time now, but today you access the Project Center, and you can’t see your project in the list. You check that you’ve no filter set and you’re using a familiar view that has previously shown your project in the list. So, what gives?

The next thing I’d check, would be to verify that the ‘show subprojects’ box is checked in Project Center. This feature can be found in the Show/Hide section of the Project ribbon.

Figure 1: Subprojects must be checked in the Project Center

If you check this and your project now magically appears, fantastic. But why is your project now suddenly a subproject? It could be that you or a colleague created a master project to either apply some cross-project task dependencies, or possibly just to see how multiple projects align from a scheduling perspective. And now your project is tagged as a subproject.

However, all is not lost, and properly remove subproject plans from an existing Master, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Master Project
  2. Select the Subproject and right-click on Information to open the Information window
  3. In the Information window, select the Advanced tab
  4. On the Advanced tab, deselect the checkbox Link to project and click OK
  5. When prompted to save changes to the subproject, click Yes
  6. Select the top-level subproject row and delete it, which will also remove all its associated tasks (see next step)
  7. When prompted, select the Continue – Delete and its subtasks choice and click OK
  8. Verify that the subproject row is removed from the Master project plan
  9. Repeat Step 2 to 8 to remove another subproject plan as needed
  10. Once the subproject removal(s) are complete, Save/Publish/Check-in the Master project plan
  11. Open the subproject plan(s)
  12. Save/Publish/Check-in the subproject plan(s)

Your project has just returned to its former classification. Happy Scheduling!