Project Detail Pages (PDPs) can be used to display or collect project information. You can create custom PDPs or modify existing ones to display your custom project fields. Below, you will find the detailed steps required to create a new Project Detail Page.

  1. Navigate to the ‘PWA Settings’, by clicking on the gear highlighted in black
Figure 1: PWA Settings
  1. One the PWA Settings page we have access to all administrative settings used to configure Project Online. For now, let’s click on ‘Project Detail Pages’, under ‘Workflow and Project Detail Pages’.
Figure 2: Click on Project Detail Pages under Workflow and Project Detail Pages
  1. To create a new page, click ‘New’ then select ‘Project Detail Pages’.
Figure 3: Click ‘New’ then select ‘Project Detail Pages’
  1. Give your new PDP a name and select a layout (you can experiment with these but for starters, use ‘Full Page, Vertical’. Once you chose a layout, click ‘create’.
Figure 4: Once you chose a layout, click ‘create’.
  1. A blank Project Detail Page is created. To configure it, click on ‘add a web part’. In the upper left of the screen under Categories, select Project Web App and then under Parts, select Basic Info; this will give you the option to add both custom and out of the box project fields.
Figure 5: Click on ‘add a web part’. In the upper left of the screen under Categories, select Project Web App and then under Parts, select Basic Info
  1. Next, if I hover over to the web part, there’s a tiny little arrow on the upper far right; Click on the arrow and then click edit web part.
  1. A panel will be displayed along the right side of the screen with options for modifying the web part. Click on modify, at the top, to add fields to the Project Detail Page.
  1. The “Choose Project Fields” dialog box will open. On the left side we see all the fields available to add and, on the right, we see the project fields currently on the web part. Because this is a brand-new Project Detail page, there is nothing listed on the right. Click on the field name(s) you want to add from the list on the left and then click the top arrow to move them to the right side. This will add them to your Project Detail Page once you apply the changes.
  1. For example, I have added % complete, Status Summary, Schedule Health, Resource health, Overall health, Late Finish and Estimated. Once the fields have been added to the right, click OK.
  1. To see the fields added to the web part click apply on the bottom right of the panel.
  1. Before you leave the page, you must click OK at the bottom of the panel and then click Stop Editing in the upper left of the Web Part ribbon at the top.
  1. Now we have our new project detail page: